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para dormir...

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para dormir...

Post by SanGab on Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:55 pm

Mientras descansaba leí esto, es un poco largo pero entretenido, y creo que se puede aprender algo.

another T down - lessons to be learned

This is going to take some explaining, but here goes.

Out today for ride with a mate and a ring-in on his new (to him) Tuono - we call him "donkey" now. Everything going OK until we approach the first set of tight descending twisties. I'm in front, other mate behind me, then donkey. All of a sudden donkey's out past us all just as we hit the top of the range for the downhill run. So I'm thinking at this point, shit this guy must be quick to have to get in front of everyone at the last minute. Anyway, that's fine with me. Nothing worse than getting stuck behind someone on your favorite set of twisities. Unfortunately by the second corner this was obviously not the case. So I back right off giving him a good 5 car lengths between us. Run thru a few more corners and then- on one of the fastest ones- I see his back wheel locking up followed by front wheel smoking on full lock as he bins it big time.

Fortunately he wasn't hurt and the T seemed OK other than a dented can and bent bar end and bit of other minor stuff. Frame sliders took the brunt of it. Although, as I walked up to him it was obvious that his jeans had probably taken the worst of the come off.

So, lessons he and I learned.
1. if you're going to pull a stunt like overtaking other bikes just before a set of twisites, make sure you're a friggin shit hot rider, or at least know you're better than the guys you just overtook and can keep well in front of them.
2. But, if you still can't help yourself and still have to do this, than don't allow yourself to be put under pressure by the other riders that are now wishing you hadn't done that particular maneuver. Even though I kept distance from him, he admitted that he was looking out behind to see were I was (so I asked him why'd he pull that stunt then?)
3.contrary to what I have crapped on here about before, TUONOs can't actually save you if you don't know what you're doing with it.
4. TUONOs slide very well, with little damage. And they start straight back up again.
5. when you get scared, relax! This was a classic "did everything wrong" situation. He had a good line, not too fast, but 'thought' he'd over cooked it, when in fact he hadn't at all. He sat bolt upright, locked his arms, grabbed a fist full of brakes, and presto - went straight ahead on his side. Friggin lucky he didn't highside it. I know the T can take that same corner at double the speed without a problem.
6. this is seriously fucked up - make sure you wear some friggin jocks (underwear) when you ride! When I walked up to him he was just getting up, and his fly had ripped apart with his entire kit hanging out. I now have a new appreciation of the term 'donkey dick'. Evidently he likes to free ball, which is all good as long as you don't friggin come off your bike and rip your jeans apart! Thing was, when he got back on the bike (after stuffing everything back in), as soon as he sat on the bike, everything fell out again. Luckily we found a rag in one of the bikes and he stuffed that down to cover it all up.
7. 3 come-offs by 3 people I know in last 4 weeks on the roads. Not good. Stay fucking safe everyone - please!

8. and if you like to freeball like donkey, think about wearing some jocks next time, just for everyone else's sake.

Master Bacalao
Master Bacalao

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Re: para dormir...

Post by TRICK_STAR on Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:00 pm

SanGab el tipo tuvo mas suerte que la nena del videito ella estoy seguro que dejo las tetas en la brea por lo menos el tipo todavia tenia el ding dong pegao al cuerpo --pudo haberselo arrancado de cuajo OOUCH!!!
Sin quere volvemos al tema de correr con buen equipo Full Gear all the way

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Senior Bacalao

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Re: para dormir...

Post by Nando on Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:23 pm

Safety FIRST Exclamation study

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Senior Bacalao

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Re: para dormir...

Post by Sponsored content

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